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Vicente Fita Botet

On Sculpturesque Jokes

Jokes, as they form part of a shared language, imprint new meanings and create new codes through the ideas they think or come to represent. In this sense, a joke is foremost a recognition through which denied connections are enabled.

In his new series of works Vicente Fita Botet stages the comical as a point of departure for several layers of signification, experiences and practices to interact. The juxtaposition of various elements has been a constant in the work of Fita Botet who now takes further risks by complicating the infinitesimal possibilities of signification of an image, as it is always also a copy. In the same manner that Roman copies of Greek sculptures came to serve different purposes, or that Renaissance was a revival of the values of antiquity applied to medieval societies, and that Neoclassicism aimed to restore logic during the advent of Enlightenment; copies never exhaust their capacity to gestate new levels of signification by drawing tangents from their original points.

The pieces presented in this catalogue explore the possibilities for understanding how humor parallels creative process where subjectivities are formed. They are collections of thoughts, appropriations of signs, systems for recognizing us and the other, while simultaneously, they carry the imprint of subjective experiences. They are an attempt to communicate, they reach out to us and yet they keep a certain distance. Bridging reality with the most absurd is simultaneously a joke’s inherent tragedy and its unequivocal formula.


Fragment from catalogue “Sculpturesque Jokes”,

written by Patricia Ortega-Miranda


Vicente Fita Botet

Born in Cuenca (Spain), 1964.

Lives and works in Rotterdam.




Dutch Art Institute

Enschede (The Netherlands) 1996-1998


Fine Arts

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

Facultad de Bellas Artes. Cuenca (Spain) 1986-1991


Solo exhibitions:

2014 “Sculpturesque Jokes”. Galerie Mirta Demare.

2011 “Habitaciones”. Escuela de Arte Cruz Novillo. Cuenca

“Trip Notebook”. Centrum Beeldende Kunst. Rotterdam

2010 “Zwart-wit”. Pictura. Dordrecht


Group exhibitions:

2015 “Icon Kulter A-Lab”. Kulter. Amsterdam

“Objects of Desire”. Galerie Mirta Demare.

2014 Art The Hague. Stand Galerie Mirta Demare. The Hague

2013 “New Diaspora”. Retort Art Space. Amsterdam

2012 “Celebration!!”. Galerie Mirta Demare.

“Available”. Kulter. Amsterdam

“De Salon”. Pictura. Dordrecht

“Off-Screen”. De Unie. Rotterdam

the 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam

2011 “Het topje van de Boszoom”.

Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk

2010 “De Salon”. Pictura. Dordrecht


Award: “II Muestra de nuevos creadores”, Instituto de la
Juventud. Valencia 1990


Stipendium: Instituto de la Juventud, Valencia, 1994


Artist in residence:

2001 Stichting Kunst & Complex. Rotterdam

1997 “Jalovik Art Colony”. Jalovik (Serbia)


1995 “Le Quai-École d’Art & Design”. Mulhouse (France)

1991 “Stage Européen de Créativité Picturale”. Moissac