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Renata de Andrade

“also known as arxvis, she was born in barretos, sao paulo, and moved to amsterdam in 1988, where she studied at the rietveld academy of arts, and works as an artist since 1995. in holland, renata de andrade was awarded several times with foundation for the arts and architecture (fonds bkvb), for her work on the garbage in the visual arts, which she exposes frequently, both on the streets and in museums and galleries. she’s represented by mirta demare art gallery, in rotterdam, since 2002.

her first artistic expression was a poem, at 6 years old. since 2007 she keeps a blog, where she publishes her poetic texts. her first book with poems and drawings, contentíssima em caconde, was published by editora patuá in 2014. she’s working on a new book, cavalo das almas, to be published soon by editora patuá.

renata also makes musical improvisation since 25 years with her band, pasjenten.”


Resume, Renata de Andrade

* born in 20/06/1960, in Barretos, Brazil

* studied painting at the Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam | |


* solo exhibitions:


arqueología contemporánea - Davis Museum, Barcelona


flores da cidade - trash installations at Praça Buenos Ayres, São Paulo


land&skyscape - kortsluiting, Amsterdam

sem título - Casa da Cultura Rogério Cardoso, Mococa, Brazil


* group exhibitions:


how language moves – Goleb, Amsterdam

objects of desire – Mirta Demare, Rotterdam


stripdagenhaarlem 2014 – STAAL, Haarlem, nl

Mine Field 3 – Mine Field Exhibition Project, Sao Paulo, br

the Poetics of Work – Mirta Demare, Rotterdam


Circus Terminal – Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery

Mine Field – Mine Field Exhibition Project, Sao Paulo, br


little things are happening – De Heling, Amsterdam, nl

outsider & street art - Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery

processo&material - Mirta Demare, Rotterdam

AAN Art Amsterdam Noord - de Chrysantenstraat, Amsterdam

flores da cidade na virada sustentável - garbage installations at Centro Cultural São Paulo

com din-din ou sem din-din, meu bem, eu brinco - wall painting, at Centro Cultural São Paulo

10th Anniversary Celebration – Mirta Demare, Rotterdam

A Cada Peça um Universo – Museu Victor Meirelles, Florianópolis


into the green - Brazil Festival, Huize Frankendael, Amsterdam

free art fest # 7 - a series of exhibitions in 6 different cities of Brasil, organised by the Brazilian Street artist Gejo



CITYSCAPE - Mirta Demare, Rotterdam

poetry and the city: trash it UP! - Test-Portal Art Gallery, Amsterdam

POWER TO THE PEOPLE - Feature Inc, New York, U.S.A.

parede - II Festival Internacional de Poster Arte do Rio de Janeiro - Centro Cultural da Justia Federal (CCJF)

tapas en toastjes - De Buytensael, Arnhem


* grants and awards:

2007: Selected for the UniversidArte award, Rio de Janeiro

2006: Tijl Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdam

1998, 1999, 2002, 2006: Basisstipendium, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB), Amsterdam


* book releases:

Contentíssima em Caconde, Editora Patuá, 2014, poems and illustrations, br

Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2015, Trichis Publishing, nl


* lecture:


arxvis” – at the art academy of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil