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Filmwerkplaats is an artist run workspace dedicated to motion picture film as an artistic, expressive medium. It’s geared towards filmmakers, artists and art school students interested in film not purely as a storage medium for their ideas, visuals and soundtrack, but as a material that actively shapes and distorts these thoughts, images and sounds.

Members of Filmwerkplaats that participate in exhibition ‘Do It With Us’ at Mirta Demare Art gallery are: Nan Wang, Yoana Buzova, Juul van der Laan, Judith van der Made, Bart Koppe, Coen Janssen and Patrícia Chaves.

Yoana Buzova
Yoana Buzova is an interdisciplinary artist, passionate about public space and short-lived, neglected moments and objects. She employs low-tech, DIY methods, found and repurposed material to create poetic moments. Yoana graduated at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

Juul van der Laan
Juul van der Laan graduated from the University of the Arts London. She is a documentary filmmaker interested in the narrative roles a film medium can play. Despite her move into film, initially being a Chemistry graduate from Utrecht University, she did find her way back into a lab – a film lab nevertheless.

Judith van der Made
Is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in physical theater and performance. Driven by motion in a very broad sense, she endulges herself in various forms of research sharp to grasp unexpected moments (glitches as you wish), to take them as a new starting point to work from.” the moments in between the moments are the most precious ones.”

Nan Wang
Nan Wang graduated at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands. She creates media artworks, mainly focus on abstraction video and sound work. Most of her work were inspired by how our brain process information subjectively and archiving it as memories. She currently are working on audiovisual works which are half digital half analog. Try to search the possibilities to walk in between digital and analog media.

Coen Janssen
Coen Janssen (1976) completed his study of communication and studied art at the AKI / ARTEZ Academy in Enschede and the University of Cuenca (SP). In his videos and pictures, he builds complex structures in time and space. He seeks out for practices that give the maximum effect with minimum means. The properties of the medium and chance affect the final result. His art is shown on national and international exhibitions and festivals in for example Dusseldorf, Osnabruck, Muenster, Reykjavik, Bejing, Ghent, Brussels, Maastricht, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Besides his work as an artist he studies philosophy at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Coen Janssen is a Rotterdam based artist.

Patrícia Chaves
Patrícia Chaves is a visual artist based in Rotterdam. In 2013/2014 she worked within the short films team at International Film Festival Rotterdam. In 2014/2015 she assisted the production of Hometown feature film. Currently completing Orientation year at Rietveld.



See this link for more information about Filmwerkplaats.