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Adam Uriel

Some key questions that I wish to address in my work are:
In the complex labyrinth of the Middle Eastern reality,
how does intention relate to factual result?
i.e. can the intention to do ‘good’ end up doing more ‘harm’ than anything else?

In our western world we are increasingly engulfed by the concept of ‘consciousness creating form’: what our mindsets are attuned to, we will somehow filter out of the affluence of available sense impressions, or even actually ‘attract’.
In the field of sports this idea is receiving increasing attention (as portrayed in the video
ECO COACHING: the road to paradise is paradise).

In spiritual literature this idea is phrased through the concept of each person being a ‘creator’.
Yet if each of us is always ‘creating’ our own lives, how does this idea match with realities of sudden shock and horror befalling unassuming individuals and groups?

In commercial imagery, our unconscious needs and desires are addressed daily to ‘hook’ us to the ‘feel’ of brands. But who is advertizing for the kind of ‘products’ that do not directly lead to anyone’s monetary profit… and what might such an ad campaign look and feel like?

By employing mainly the language of commercialism, and weaving into this elements of nationalistic, religious, and spiritual narratives, I aim to question the immovability of those parts of the story that are usually considered the ‘givens’.


Adam Uriel
visual artist
Tel Aviv, 1983

+31 (0)6 871 25 436
The Hague, the Netherlands.

Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem.
Royal Academy of Art, the Hague.
Fine Art. Major: Painting.

Thesis title:
IMAGINE. an inquiry into the healing capacities of art.

October 2015 ‘PEACE CREAM, taste a different reality’ galerie Mirta de Mare, Rotterdam.

‘PEACE TEAM Open Office round 1’.
Open Makers, Leiden.

‘Trains of Thought’. the Hague central train station

‘Carless Wisper’ IYLR, The Hague.
“homegrown” H226 Art Space, Den Haag.

Agency of Unrealized projects: PEACE TEAM 2014. DAAD gallery Berlin.

‘Song of Love’ final exam show. KABK, The Hague.
‘Green Light’ pre-final exam exhibition. De Besturing, the Hague.

‘In our mind’. De Besturing, the Hague.

KABK Goedman prize for ‘Song of Love’.
Winner of competition to create a new mural for the central stairflight of the 1502 Leiden University academy building.

‘Mare’ Leiden University student-run newspaper 2014.
‘Developing Knowledge’ Leiden University press, 2008.

Current projects
>Final stage of mural for Leiden University Academy building. >‘PEACE CREAM, taste a different reality’.

Location working periods
Feb. 2014. Jerusalem, Ramallah, Tel Aviv.
Jan. – July 2012 Jerusalem, Ramallah, Tel Aviv.

Side projects
2013 ‘Syrious Mission 4’ art workshops for Syrian refugee children in Mafraq, Jordan.